Coupe SSLGA / Ennetsee / 20.9.2017


We play the fourth and last Coupe of this season in Ennetsee. 69 Ladies are participating.




Coupe SSLGA / Andermatt / 24.8.2017


For the third Coupe we shall meet in Andermatt.Enjoy playing this interesting and challenging course in the Alps and admire at the same time the beautiful view of the mountains.




End of Season Trip / Bogogno / 08. – 10.10.2017


The end of season trip leeds us to Bogogno in Italy. 27 ladies are participating.




Quadrangulaire / Interlaken / 11. – 14.09.2017


Switzerland is the host country for the next Quadrangular in September. On the beautiful course of Interlaken we will enjoy playing against the ladies from Germany, Italy and Austria. We look forward to exciting and challenging matches.




Qualification + Challenge Coupe / Breitenloo / 13. – 14.06.2017


Breitenloo is in high demand. More than 110 ladies are going to play the Qualification – or Challenge Coupe in Breitenloo.

Teilnehmerinnen Qualification 13. / 14.06.   

Teilnehmerinnen Coupe 14.06.   



Journées des Dames Seniors / Bonmont / 9. – 11.5.2017


Only a couple of weeks to go until our first big event of the season 2017. We are all looking forward to fantastic “Journées” on the beautiful course of Bonmont. Please keep in mind, that our general assembly will take place on May 9, 6 pm in the clubhouse of Bonmont (Salle Cascade).




Rencontre Dames/Messieurs / Montreux / 25. – 26.4.2017


Let’s just hope that summer is back by the time we shall meet the Seniors for our yearly “Rencontre”. We wish you luck and keep fighting!




Quadrangulaire / Garlenda (Italy) / 6. – 9.6.2017


The first of the Quadrangulars will take place in Garlenda beginning of June. The Swiss team will be fighting against our friends from Italy, Spain and France. We wish you luck and have a great time.




Coupe SSLGA / Lugano / 28.3.2017


The 2017 season is on its way. The first Coupe in Lugano will see 65 SSLGA members teeing it up in – what we hope – perfect conditions and plenty of sunshine. Go for it!




Trainingcamps / Losone / 26./27.3.2017


49 ladies will kickoff the season with intense practice sessions in Losone. We wish you sunny days in the Ticino and are looking forward to seeing you on the Greens again.

Teilnehmerinnen I / 26.3.17   

Teilnehmerinnen II / 27.3.17